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Who uses Shumbashaba?


Shumbashaba offer unique experiential educational programmes for school learners where the focus is on developing those life skill tools essential for growing children into self-reliant successful adults. The programme provides children and adolescents with the opportunity, through working with horses, to experientially discover those core mental health constructs, “Tools for Living”, vital to emotional health and the restoration of a sense of self-worth and purpose. As the programme participants work with horses (sensitive creatures who mirror emotion and give immediate feedback to the participant’s attitudes and actions), they learn a tremendous amount about the impact of their communication, actions and problem-solving skills. In this positive, non-threatening atmosphere, while carrying out assigned tasks with horses, the participants are given a rare opportunity to learn and practice the vital life skills of Respect, Responsibility, Relationship Skills, Empathy, Boundaries, and Choices and Consequences. The goal in this program is not to teach the children how to accomplish a task with horses. We use the presence of the horse to teach the children to examine their own behaviours and skills related to communication, relationships, and problem-solving and see the effectiveness of those behaviours or skills or the need for change. The acquisition of these core emotional health constructs empowers the participants and gives them the opportunity to recognize their BEST self (perhaps for the first time). Participants are simultaneously challenged to use these new “tools” to stretch and grow emotionally. The Horse Power programme facilitates the rapid acquisition of social and emotional intelligences, which empower participants and gives them a fresh sense of self and a hope and belief in their ability to affect a positive impact on their current lives and future.

The Shumbashaba suite of school educational programmes includes:
  1. Life skills,
  2. Bully prevention,
  3. Personal growth and empowerment